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Blogger Package

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Would you like to create awareness for your brand, products etc.?
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Blogspot Small Business

This package is for SMALL BUSINESSES who want to Promote their Brand, Products, Services, etc. via blog posts.

This package comes in 2 divisions.



Opal Small Business Package

Our skilled writers will review and write a blog post for your brand/company based on your request.

 Bloggers Package includes promotion on BlogSpot, Instagram and website.


Garnet Small Business Package

We will promote your blog post on our platforms for maximum exposure.

Bloggers Package includes promotion on BlogSpot, Instagram and website.

Email  with an Image size 300 by 300 along with your article/ blog post.


Email to discuss packages for LARGE BUSINESSES and Other Rates.



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Curls-auNaturel is an international black and mixed race women's empowerment platform. We are dedicated to promoting, supporting and encouraging women on the path to self love and self acceptance. We are also about teaching children to love themselves just as they are and not conform to the standards of beauty laid by society

The Movement

A Platform Dedicated to supporting the black community, black culture, black history and the natural hair society as a whole. We aim to support and help females in the black/mixed community on their journey to self-love, self-acceptance and confidence in their own skin starting with their natural hair. As such we have come up with various ways to help educate, motivate and inspire women who are thinking of starting their hair journey or have already done so

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